2020 Exhibition

Lisa Hammond

7–30 May

Paul Philp

9 April–2 May

Hannah Tounsend

12 March–4 April

Multiplicity | Sophie Cook

16 January–8 February 2020

2019 Exhibition

The Eccles Collection

12–23 November

Allusive Forms | Martin Pearce

17 October–9 November

New Work | Peter Beard

19 September–12 October

Surface | Margaret Curtis

22 August–14 September


25 July–17 August


27 June–20 July

Test entry

1st July 2019

Inner Order | Rebecca Appleby

7–30 March 2019

New Work | Thomas Bohle

7 February–2 March 2019

2018 Exhibition

Christmas Show

15th November till 31st December

Onomatopoeia - new work by Akiko Hirai

18th October till 10th November

Zoo intime - work by Sophie Favre

20th September till 13th October

Tidal Echo - new work from Bev Bell-Hughes

23rd August till 15th September

From Light to Dark - new work by Kyra Cane

12th July till 4th August

Ensemble - new work by Matthew Chambers

15th March till 7th April


15th Feb till 10th March

2017 Exhibition

Gifted 2017

30th of November till 31st of December

'65 Years In The Making' - new work by Robin Welch

2nd of November till 25th of November

'Living Space' - new work by Jack Doherty

5th of October till 28th of October

New work by Anna Lambert

7th of September till 30th of September


10th of August till 2nd of September 2017

Paola Paronetto 'Paper and Clay'

13th of July till 5th of August

'Colour Connections'

15th of June till 8th of July

'Assembled Space' - Mandy Cheng and Derek Wilson

18th of May till 10th of June

'50 at 50' new work by Ashraf Hanna

13th of April till 13th of May

'Crystal Creations' new work by Matt Horne

16th of March till 8th of April

Mo Jupp - New Work

16th of February till 11th of March

2016 Exhibition

Gifted 2016

1st of December - 31st of December

'Gete-mono' new work by Akiko Hirai

3rd of November - 26th of November

'Keramik' - group show of German potters

6th of October - 29th of October

'Fool's Gold' new work by Adam Buick

8th of September - 1st of October

Bruce McLean

4th of August - 27th of August

Form, Tone, Texture

7th of July - 30th of July

Explorers - Dan Kelly and Barry Stedman

9th of June - 2nd of July

Ruth King - New Work

12th of May - 4th of June

Seeing - New Work by Rafa Perez

7th of April - 7th of May

Karen Bunting - New Work

10th of March - 2nd of April

'Ensemble' - new work by Lara Scobie

11th of February - 5th of March

Dear Santa

26th November - 31st December 2015

2015 Exhibition

Paul Philp

8th of October - 7th of November

The Alan and Pat Firth collection

30th September - 2nd October

Marcus O'Mahony

3rd of September - 26th of September


6th of August - 29th of August

'Ready Salted' work by Monika Debus

25th of June - 18th of July

New Work by Walter Keeler

7th of May - 30th of May

New Work by Svend Bayer

2nd of April - 2nd May

'Cooper's Legacy'

12th March - 28th March

2014 Exhibition

Sui Generis

20th of November - 31st of December

'New Ground' Work by Peter Beard

Oct 16th - Nov 15th

'Wild Life'

Aug 7th - Sept 6th

'Looking' Work by Rafael Perez

June 19th - July 19th

CPA auction 2014

5th June - 14th June (Online until the 28th June)

'Figures and Helmets' New work by Mo Jupp

February 20th - March 22nd

Gems - Christmas show

20th November - 31st December

2013 Exhibition

Elemental Conversations

7th - 30th November

Halima Cassell

Oct 10th - Nov 2nd

Thrown Together

18th July - 10th August

Akiko Hirai Solo Exhibition

14th February - 9th March