2017 Exhibition

'Crystal Creations' new work by Matt Horne

16th of March till 8th of April

Mo Jupp - New Work

16th of February till 11th of March

2016 Exhibition

Gifted 2016

1st of December - 31st of December

'Gete-mono' new work by Akiko Hirai

3rd of November - 26th of November

'Keramik' - group show of German potters

6th of October - 29th of October

'Fool's Gold' new work by Adam Buick

8th of September - 1st of October

Bruce McLean

4th of August - 27th of August

Form, Tone, Texture

7th of July - 30th of July

Explorers - Dan Kelly and Barry Stedman

9th of June - 2nd of July

Ruth King - New Work

12th of May - 4th of June

Seeing - New Work by Rafa Perez

7th of April - 7th of May

Karen Bunting - New Work

10th of March - 2nd of April

'Ensemble' - new work by Lara Scobie

11th of February - 5th of March

Dear Santa

26th November - 31st December 2015

2015 Exhibition

Paul Philp

8th of October - 7th of November

The Alan and Pat Firth collection

30th September - 2nd October

Marcus O'Mahony

3rd of September - 26th of September


6th of August - 29th of August

'Ready Salted' work by Monika Debus

25th of June - 18th of July

New Work by Walter Keeler

7th of May - 30th of May

New Work by Svend Bayer

2nd of April - 2nd May

'Cooper's Legacy'

12th March - 28th March

2014 Exhibition

Sui Generis

20th of November - 31st of December

'New Ground' Work by Peter Beard

Oct 16th - Nov 15th

'Wild Life'

Aug 7th - Sept 6th

'Looking' Work by Rafael Perez

June 19th - July 19th

CPA auction 2014

5th June - 14th June (Online until the 28th June)

'Figures and Helmets' New work by Mo Jupp

February 20th - March 22nd

Gems - Christmas show

20th November - 31st December

2013 Exhibition

Elemental Conversations

7th - 30th November

Halima Cassell

Oct 10th - Nov 2nd

Thrown Together

18th July - 10th August

Akiko Hirai Solo Exhibition

14th February - 9th March