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Melting Point - new work by Stephen Parry

17th May till 9th June

In this exhibition we will see pots that vary from small jewel-like boxes and bottles to large pots that would feel at home in public spaces. They are all, undeniably, the work of a potter interested in making the viewer feel things. The pots have a confidence and gravity-defying lightness about them, and even the smallest is capable of catching the eye amidst the flurry of life.


Stephen’s place of work is in Fakenham in Norfolk. Like the country potter he actually is, he mixes is own clays in large quantities, which is then stored and aged in lidded bunkers. He has a number of different clays, all made to suit particular firings. Most of his work is wheel-thrown, with some hand-built, an area in which he is planning on doing more work. He uses thick slip applied generously in various ways to the leather-hard pot to recapture the freshness, movement, and life the pot had while on the wheel. It is with this same thought in mind that he applies his glazes. This exhibition shows the success of that endeavour.

André Hess