Sentience | Carolyn Genders

2–25 May

Carolyn Genders creates bold, asymmetric sculptural vessels, hand built in white earthenware with painted abstracted surfaces. She works by responding to both her material and to the rhythms of the form: inscribing marks and incising through layers of matt vitreous slips and burnished terra sigillata. The finished pieces unite the physicality of working with clay with the potential of the created surfaces.

‘The essence of my practice is the relationship of form, line, brushstroke and colour,’ says the established ceramic artist and printmaker, who works from a studio on the South Coast and exhibits internationally.

In creating the works for Sentience, Carolyn questions and investigates asymmetry, rhythm and balance, while celebrating the tactile and textural possibilities of clay. The exhibition title refers to the action of feeling and to Carolyn’s physical and intuitive response to her chosen material.

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