'Blooming' New Work by Valéria Nascimento

May 1st - May 31st

Valéria Nascimento’s most recent work is a celebration not only of the natural world but also of the innate qualities of her medium, porcelain. Valéria Nascimento was among the first ceramic artists to specialise in wall pieces and installations, which she has developed and refined over the years to create pieces of the utmost delicacy and grace. From the outset nature has been her inspiration, not imitated but translated into finely crafted, organic forms of her own imagining. The world she creates – at times verging on abstraction - is uniquely hers.

Valéria works exclusively in porcelain, predominantly white but occasionally a soft charcoal black and subtle shades of blue grey. “It is such a malleable and expressive medium, and gives me an enormous range of possibilities. Like the structures in nature, it has both strength and fragility.” Never does her work appear hard or static – the gently frayed edges of her lotus pads, the ebb and flow of her coral, and the dancing quality of her falling blossom all contribute to a sense of softness and movement.

The use of multiples has always fascinated Valéria, and much of her work is made up of literally hundreds of small elements grouped together to create powerful and cohesive compositions. It is the minute variations between the repeated forms – each individually crafted – that give them life.

Valéria’s installations, particularly the suspended pieces, have an extraordinary quality of lightness. In Hanging Blossoms the three-petalled forms appear weightless - a cloud of floating whiteness - and are sensitive to the slightest breath of air. The same is true of her wall-mounted Cups, which cascade down the wall with gay abandon, forming clusters and random patterns akin to those found in nature.

It comes as no surprise that Valéria studied architecture in her native Brazil before turning to ceramics – she has an instinctive feel for the relationship between her work and its setting. Here she has transformed the space into an ethereal world of beauty and tranquillity.

Valéria Nascimento has created major installations for many corporate and commercial spaces, including Tiffany & Co, Canary Wharf, and more recently for Bucherer, in Paris and Munich.  She has shown her work internationally and in 2013 exhibited with the Contemporary Ceramics Centre at Collect. Earlier this year she became a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association.

Lindsey Brown  




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