'Looking' Work by Rafael Perez

June 19th - July 19th

‘The driving force behind my work has always been surprise and curiosity. Bearing in mind that ceramics as an art form offers a labyrinth of possibilities with infinite variables, making your way in it, if you love searching, proves a good reason for living.

Unlike other disciplines, the endless variety of techniques and firing processes, the wide range of materials available to the artist, make ceramics a form of expression in which it is not too hard to find “personal paths”, and this is one of its virtues, something which renders it exciting and gratifying.

In my case, the backbone of my work has always been research and experimentation, not that I dedicate myself to it systematically, but rather because of my character, as someone who is natural, curious and untidy. So I constantly pursue any sign, accident or occurrence with more of a sense of fun than scientifically (for me, the work in ceramics has always been more of a game than a job).’

 Rafael Pérez


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