'Wild Life'

Aug 7th - Sept 6th

Susan O'Byrne:

'My ceramic animals are creatures that inhabit other, imaginary worlds. Each animal is inspired and informed by my perceptions of what that world might be like. During making I’m engaged in a dialogue with the work, I need it to lead me and surprise me. I sketch out a wire framework, onto which pieces of patterned porcelain paper clay are added. It’s impossible to prevent the thin wire meandering this way and that; elements of chance like this and the shrinkage of the clay around the framework during firing are allowed to help dictate the final posture of the animal.'

Ostinelli & Priest:

'The perfect example of 2 heads working as one. Drawing on their individual strengths, combining their talent and experience, these two artists have established a very popular and collectable catalogue of work, selling and exhibiting UK and internationally. Inspiration is drawn from human animal and bird form on an ever changing basis, using texture rhythm and colour into the clay to convey movement presence and humour into the work, these qualities being all important in any piece.'


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