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'Ensemble' - new work by Lara Scobie

11th of February - 5th of March

In a move away from the domestic scale, Lara presents new work which spans 'the really small to the really big'. Newly developed surface patterns and colours underpin the theme of balance, a constant, underlining her current work in which ideas of dynamic interplay between form and surface inform her large sculptural vessels, gilded pieces and small groupings. 
'From the moment a fresh bag of clay is opened my imagination is triggered by the sensory pleasure of its smooth texture and the anticipatory thrill of potential. Working with clay is as exciting and terrifying as a roller coaster ride, presenting as many challenges as rewards. To understand this soft malleable material — really just a lump of wet earth — takes time, but with considered handling and measured judgement it can be manipulated into dynamic and expressive form.  This transformation goes through many stages as the clay is first shaped, then hardened and dried, before being finally and inexorably altered by the alchemy of firing to a new ceramic form — hard, durable and permanent.' Lara Scobie