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Explorers - Dan Kelly and Barry Stedman

9th of June - 2nd of July

Contemporary Ceramics Centre is thrilled to host an exhibition of work by Dan Kelly and Barry Stedman, two ceramicists whose pots set up vibrant contrasts in terms of colour palette but are united by a physicality in handling of the material and a bold, expressive approach to mark making.

Barry Stedman ‘My intention is to use the vessel forms that I make; loosely thrown and altered on the wheel or constructed from slabs, as vehicles to explore contrasts of light and shade, hard and soft, warm and cool, rough and smooth, I’m interested in the way edges meet and overlap, and the rhythms, tensions and harmonies created between colours, spaces, lines and textures in form and surface.

I tend to work in series influenced by natural phenomena, places, and emotions, developing ideas from drawing, painting and previous firings. I like the warmth and brightness of earthenware using slip, oxides and underglazes, over a red clay body. The surfaces are created in layers, firing in between using thin washes, wiping back and building up rich zones of colour. I then glaze chosen areas to add further depth, tone and texture.’

Dan Kelly’s ceramics are thrown and altered, curvaceous and with a symmetry which alludes to the figure. Surfaces combine the rough and the smooth; throwing is central to Kelly’s work and while in this free flowing state, the wet, claggy mass is controlled fluently; Throwing lines, fragments of clay, incisions and alterations are intentionally left visible. Oxides emphasize a minimal approach to surface decoration, the resulting works are monochrome and monumental