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New work by Anna Lambert

7th of September till 30th of September

'For this exhibition I have been working on two particular themes: my interest in environmental changes in landscape due to climate change, and the re-establishment of orchards around the country. Changes in landscape due to flood control in the Aire valley and its watershed provide new images and patterns in the landscape. Drainage channels in fields, and the rebogging of moorland, the flooding on the valley fields and removal of raised riverbanks, tree planting on the steep valley hillsides, the re-emergence of scrubland as farmland is abandoned. I started to draw orchards 10 years ago: visits to Parceval Hall nr Appletreewick, North Yorkshire have been particularly poignant as this is a place we visit at times of distress and convalescence, and my drawings have been focused on my delight with the new plantings in the orchard. Over the years I have discovered more orchards newly planted in sun-trapping corners of Devon fields or planted around the remnants of older trees.

Making ceramic pieces that contain a strong narrative is challenging. I don’t expect others to be interested in my inner thoughts, and often the connection occurs around a common interest in generic landscape, or trees, or birds. But for me it provides a focus around which I can play with pattern and colour, emotional response and sensuality.'

Anna Lambert