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10th of August till 2nd of September 2017

New work by Martin Pearce, Paul Wearing and Rachel Wood

The weighty biomorphic forms of Martin Pearce enclose empty space and volume to a consistently dramatic effect, conveying a quiet sense of depth and ease, a sense of the ancient and mysterious. These substantial forms are built rather than thrown, using coils, straps, slips and modified glazes, and their bold presence exudes a definite and hard-to-ignore power, like long-lost chunks of some ancient monolith.

Paul Wearing’s highly tactile glazed surfaces manifest naturally during the making process, added to and completed by alchemical developments within the kiln. The rough bands of colour on his vases, pots and ellipses suggest unsettled seascapes, desolate rural tracts, and stormy skies. The pieces provoke a dialogue between the hand-made and natural manifestations of our landscape.

Using a combination of throwing and hand building techniques, Rachel Wood produces vases and bowls that evoke weather-blown seascapes and thundery horizons. Their surfaces are scratched and indented with tool and finger marks, then swathed with layers of slips and glazes, and etched with fissures and cracks, all of which combine to form each pot’s unique character.