Future Exhibition

Tidal Echo - new work from Bev Bell-Hughes

23rd August till 15th September

An exhibition of new work from Bev Bell-Hughes. The landscape of mountains, beaches and river estuaries that make up the artists’ surroundings provide much of the subject matter for her work. She makes clear that it is not an imitation but more of an echo to the natural processes, with her hands replacing the weathering of stones and rocks, and traces in the sand.


Work by Sophie Favre

20th September till 13th October

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre present the work of Sophie Favre. Based in France, her figurative sculptures of people and animals show a mischievous and sometimes slightly disconcerting view of the human condition, inclusive of all its illusions and fragilities. It is presented in the work of Sophie Favre as something to contemplate, to worry about and to poke fun at simultaneously.


Exhibition sponsored by The Hargreaves and Ball Trust


Onomatopoeia - new work by Akiko Hirai

18th October till 10th November

This exhibition will showcase new work by Akiko Hirai. Her wide range of work encompasses large jars down to domestic ware from both Japanese and British ceramic traditions. Whilst her domestic ware boasts a tactile quality that complements her simple but elegant forms, the larger work is often bold and unabashed, with thick layers of glaze and deformities welcomed to produce wares with great presence.


Christmas Show

15th November till 31st December

Time for the celebration and presents buying!