Future Exhibition


27 June–20 July


This special group exhibition features five Japanese makers – Ikuko Iwamoto, Hiro Takahashi, Kaori Tatebayashi, Yo Thom and Motoko Wakana – who bring the craft and aesthetic of Eastern ceramics to British studio pottery. The works on show reflect a diverse range of forms and styles, from fine-art sculpture to wabi-sabi vessels and minimalist tea ware, all connected by a common visual language.


25 July–17 August


Join us for an expressive group show featuring three modern-day masters of the traditional art of slipware. Dylan Bowen presents energetic forms decorated with spontaneous surfaces; Doug Fitch features bold vessels and jugs reinterpreting British country pottery; and Nigel Lambert showcases highly coloured contemporary tableware intended for special occasions.


Surface | Margaret Curtis

22 August–14 September


Margaret Curtis’s richly textured ceramics celebrate the beauty of imperfection. Her thrown and altered forms, stretched and indented to introduce an element of unpredictability, explore the relationship of surface, shape and scale. Based in County Durham, Margaret layers slips and glazes to create tactile surfaces, creating objects with quiet nuances and a confident presence.

New Work | Peter Beard

19 September–12 October


Peter Beard makes elemental forms with complex, vibrant surfaces. Working from rural Warwickshire, he follows his own exacting techniques to achieve these effects – using wax resist to create carefully controlled glaze patterns and grinding back layers of coloured slip and clay to reveal a composite of intricate textures. The varied surfaces form a cohesive style evoking the natural landscape.

Allusive Forms | Martin Pearce

17 October–9 November


Martin Pearce creates alluring sculptural forms that recall and reinterpret shapes found in the natural world. Working from his East Sussex studio, he hand builds these biomorphic compositions using slabs and coils of white earthenware, layering on slips and glazes to create subtle surfaces that enrich the forms. The finished works feel at once familiar and enigmatic.

Gifted: A Christmas Show

25 November–31 December


Choose handcrafted this Christmas. Our annual holiday market – a Contemporary Ceramics tradition – returns with a gorgeous variety of giftable ceramics, all created by members of the Craft Potters Association. Pourer pictured by James and Tilla Waters.